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What is unique about the PSU Saxophone Studio?

Small studio size so everyone can play in Jazz Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Sax Quartet, Jazz Combo, Musical Pit Orchestras, and Chamber Winds. We believe that you learn more by participating and playing in as many musical situations as possible.

Each student is assigned a professional pianist to prepare classical repertoire for recital performances. Students spend 1/2 hour each week working with their assigned pianist in addition to their private lesson with Dr. Pfenninger.

Saxophone majors can study jazz, classical, or both, during studio lessons.

Because Dr. Pfenninger also heads up PSU’s Music Technology program, saxophone majors can also study the latest in music technology. This makes Dr. Pfenninger’s students more marketable when applying for teaching positions at private or public schools.

All saxophone majors are strongly encouraged to write, arrange, and record their own material by taking full advantage of the student project studio located in the Silver Center for the Arts.

Students are encouraged to double on flute and clarinet and often study with the flute and clarinet professors at PSU.

Dr. Pfenninger is an active composer, performer, and recording artist. His music can be heard on the Weather Channel, Indie Movies, and other Network Cable TV shows. He has ten solo jazz CDs that are available on Apple iTunes and other music outlets. He always shares his experience of working in the “real” world with his students!

Our former students attend graduate schools, secure teaching positions, play on cruise ships, and teach at universities.

Brief Intro by Saxophone Professor Rik Pfenninger

Saxophone Student Interviews:

Rik Pfenninger Performing Jacques Ibert Concertino da Camera Movement I

Rik Pfenninger Performing Jacques Ibert Concertino da Camera Movement II

Rik Pfenninger Performing Caprice en forme de Valse

Rik Pfenninger Performing Edison Denisov Sonate 1st Mvt:

Rik Pfenninger Edison Denisov Sonate Movements 2 and 3

Rik Pfenninger Smooth Jazz (Weather Channel Track)

PSU Saxophone Quartet:

Saxes 2012

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